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Super Training

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Learn To Fly With Dell Schanze & Trevor Steele


Dell Schanze started Super Training back in 2002 and has since trained over 1074 students and counting! Super Training is held on the coastline of Corpus Christi, Texas 5 times a year with 12 students in each class! We have a team of 8 incredible instructors including Dell Schanze and Trevor Steele!

Super Training is the most life-changing, exciting, and unforgettable 10-day adventure vacation you will ever take! Join 11 like-mined people for 10 straight days where you pursue your dream of flight!

Super Training is not like any other school because of our relentless focus on glider control. When it comes to fly a paramotor, it's all about your ability to fly the glider. The better you are at controlling the wing, the safer you are, and the more fun you will have!

At Super Training we hold a very high standard of skill required for our students before we allow them to fly. This means two things, (1) you will be an incredible pilot by the time you take your first flight, and (2) we don't guarantee you will fly. 

By not guaranteeing you will fly it means we put your safety before sales. We will not let you get airborne if you are NOT ready to be airborne.

We value student safety over everything and make sure that before you take your first flight, you are ready to control that aircraft.



At Super Training the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT skill that we teach is called – Glider Control.

In addition, we also teach you:

  • Gear Setup And Maintenance
  • Weather
  • Launching and Landing Techniques 
  • FAR 103 Rules and Regulations
  • Where You Can And Cannot Fly
  • A Full Understanding Of The Motor and Glider Dynamics
  • And More!



This is a big deal and often overlooked by newer pilots getting into the sport! NO TWO PARAMOTOR TRAINING’S ARE THE SAME!

When you buy/sign up for paramotor training you are basically buying skill from the instructor you are training with. Some instructors and schools will get you X amount of skill when others give you Y amount.

It’s extremely important that you take a really close look at who you are training with, where you are training, and the results of that paramotor training!

Here at Super Training, you are buying the highest level of skill possible to obtain in 10 days. It simply doesn’t get any better! With other 20 years of teaching experience and 1038 students trained, many of which you can watch on YouTube, you know without a doubt that you are getting some of the best training out there.

The cool thing with Super Training is that you can watch hundreds of REAL videos of our instructors and students at Super Training! You can watch first hand, students going from day 1-10. 

There are no secrets to Super Training! We show it all which is extremely RARE for something like this! How often do you watch real training videos of other schools?

NOT the fufu well edited with music that looks cool kinda videos…

But the videos of the students putting in the work and building REAL SKILLS!

The one thing you are FOR SURE going to get at Super Training is a whole lot of skill. You are buying REAL SKILLS!




Glider Control is basically how well you can fly the glider.

How well can you keep control of it? Can you touch the wingtips to the ground without losing control? Can you run over there and over there without losing control of it? Can you do this or that and still keep control of it?

At Super Training the biggest thing we focus on is building TRUE glider control! We make sure that each and every student that comes through Super Training builds the skills so they don’t just “kinda” know what they are doing… But are a MASTER to the point that you never lose control of that glider no matter what is happening around you or to you!

We want each student to be PERFECT!

And it pays off big time! When students have real glider control to a level not seen across the industry, it makes it effortless for new pilots to get 100 or more flights in their first 10 days!

Every student is required to master each of the foundational glider control skills before they move on to the next one. Once you have mastered each of the glider control skills and have stopped losing control, we go flying!

With true skill comes true confidence! New students on their first flights have NO PROBLEM doing everything perfectly and nailing perfect launches one right after another because they mastered glider control BEFORE They took their first flight!

It’s a “no-brainer” to us, you master control first, and flying will be an easy second!

Now glider control is largely a reflex based skillset which means a few things! If you know anything about building reflex based skillsets, you’ll know that it’s all about PRACTICE!

To truly build reflexes you need to practice the same thing over and over and over again until it’s burned into your body’s memory!

And it’s not just about practice… It’s about perfect practice! Because if you practice wrong, you build the reflexes wrong!

SO in order to actually learn how to fly a paramotor you need 2 things:

1. The right instructor
2. The right location



When you are building a skill as fine tuned and in depth as flying a PARAMOTOR you need to make sure that the person standing there next to you knows what the heck they are DOING!

You can’t learn from some random “Jimmy Bob” who’s flown a time or two because they won’t know how to hand off the skills to you! 

It’s important when you are just starting to learn that you don’t start to build bad habits.

You don’t want to spend hours learning something wrong only to have to spend many more hours unlearning it and relearning it correctly…

That sucks!

Which means you have to have someone there helping you who has YEARS of experience and full understanding of that glider to a T.

At Super Training you are literally learning from one of the best paramotors pilots in the world, Dell Schanze!

Dell started flying back in 1998 and before long was one of the leading pilots in the world!

Since then he has gotten over 11,000 flights and has done everything you can imagine from long cross country flying to hard acro maneuvers and more!

He has also gone on to set multiple world records, won several glider control championships and many other WPPGA championships too!

He is insanely good and he is even better at passing off those skills to his students! 

Don’t just take my word for it, brose the 1000+ YouTube videos we have where Dell shows over and over again just how good he is, and what it’s like to actually learn from him!



When learning to fly a paramotor you need to spend 50-100 hours practicing controlling it like a big kite!

I’m sure you’ve seen in the videos of our students standing on the ground in a harness hooked up to a glider.

That’s called kiting and kiting is how you learn how to fly a paramotor! 

The best part about paramotors is that you learn how to fly them on the GROUND not in the SKY! Which means it’s also extremely safe!

In order to get 50-100 hours of practice, you need 50-100 hours of WIND!

The main problem with learning somewhere inland like SLC, Utah where we live, is that the wind DOESN’T BLOW!

That means you can either run 7mph for 50 hours or you go somewhere like the beach of Corpus Christi, Texas, where the wind blows all day every day! 

Which is exactly why we do the training in Corpus Christi, Texas! Because down in Texas the wind blows all day which gives you the PERFECT conditions to train in!

If we tried to do the training anywhere else, where there was no wind, you wouldn’t learn a dang thing!

We would spend most of our time sucking our thumbs and watching the clouds…

But instead, since we go down to Texas where the wind blows all day every day, we can spend 5-10 hours a day on the beach, hands on with you teaching you EVERYTHING!




Super Training is $4,500, however, $1,000 of that is credit that we give you towards equipment! Which means whenever you do make a purchase, whether before, during, or after training, we give you that $1,000 as credit towards the purchase making the true cost of the training only $3,500.

Included in the $3,500 is:

  • 11 Nights Lodging 
  • Rides while at class
  • Equipment use while at training
  • 100% of equipment damages covered by us not you
  • 11 Hour ground school audio
  • Free unlimited training after your first class
  • And more